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This is a new favorite recipe of my family!

The Gourmand Mom

There’s a full moon tonight. Of that I am certain. I didn’t look it up online and I haven’t glanced at the evening sky. I need only to spend a moment observing my children to know for sure that the moon is full. They are like small, incredibly accurate phase of the moon indicators. And they’ve been in rare form this week.

Just yesterday, two of the boys spent thirty minutes engaged in a volatile argument over who is going to get the longer surfboard. You should understand that getting a surfboard of any size is not (and has never been) in our plans, which made this argument completely irrelevant and bizarre. But for thirty minutes they argued their way around Target shouting at each other about surfboards, until my five year old exclaimed that he was going to hire a shark to bite Lucas’ arm off. Anyone know what…

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The Giveaway is over, but please read on for a fabulous recipe from Tim Vidra!

We were so pleased when Tim Vidra, The Farm Table’s Twitter and Pinterest guru, agreed to do a guest post for us on our blog.

Many of you know him already as the author of the E.A.T. blog, where he shares many of his food inspirations, and advocates using simple, and local ingredients. We think that if you are invited to his house for dinner, you are one lucky person.

This might be the next best thing to an invitation:

In our house I do most of the cooking, and for this guest post I am going to have to give credit where credit is due — my better half came across a variation of this seasonal tart recipe in one of her Real Simple magazines a few years back. Now for me, Real…

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Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Review

Summer is filled with outdoor activities, and nothing makes my outings easier than Neutrogena’s wet skin kids spf 70 sunblock! The 5 oz can is perfect to throw in my bag, and the best feature is that I can spray the sunblock on the kids, wet or dry! No more toweling off grumbling kids at the pool! The spray sunblock comes out evenly, and isn’t greasy feeling. It covers the skin quickly, and feels great. The only complaint that I have with this sunblock is the berry-like smell. It’s a little different, since I was expecting the typical sunscreen scent, however, the scent fades after you apply.  This gets 2 Thumbs – it’s expensive!

Hello world!

As a mother with 3 boys, I find myself really paying close attention to product reviews.  I don’t have time to return the swing I had to have, that ended up not being able to work with a 10 lb baby!  (True Story, stay away from the Boppy Travel Swings!)  This blog is just to keep track of my favorite things 🙂

Thumbs Up from Patrick!